ESG Regulation Trainings

This section will deal with the current and upcoming ESG regulatory requirements at European and French levels that will have an impact on companies across the fashion and luxury industries. 

Throughout these modules, we will look at the main issues that these present: climate risk assessment, value chain transparency and evaluation, and long-term carbon emission reduction.

Regulations include: EU Taxonomy, NFRD / CSRD, DPEF, AGEC

Creating Sustainibly Trainings

Creating sustainably presents many challenges. We aim at helping you design for circularity, create recycling options and zero waste process for your garments. We will look into how to achieve responsible sourcing and production: teaching you all about fibers, synthetic materials (recycled products), and alternative materials. 

In this module, we will teach you about the life cycle of garments (LCA): from seed, to dyes, to waste.

Amongst other things, this module will help companies with the technical and creative aspects of producing sustainably.

For more information on the Trainings and different modules, do not hesitate to reach out!