Thursday 15th, Paris, France

The first event on Strategic Synergies: Regulations and Solutions took place last Wednesday in Paris. Located at the GS1 offices at the heart of the Opera quarter, the event looked at the upcoming legislative panorama and anticipated what the main areas of impact would be for the textile and apparel industries. 

Across the board, regulation will introduce changes in the value chain - fostering transparency, providing traceability data, and incurring changes in production and design. As the EU Green Deal advances and the European Strategy for Sustainable Textiles moves forward, the legislative landscape is shifting progressively to create a standardized and comparable methodology to provide consumers and companies with the tools to transform their businesses and adopt sustainable practices.

The event shed some light not only on what the measures will entail but also on what actions can be set in motion to anticipate upcoming regulations.

"Regulation is an opportunity for businesses within the fashion industry" 

- Alberto Bailin,
Co-founder of Lienzo

Rather than a constraint, both Cose 361 and Lienzo argue that regulatory requirements are an opportunity for companies within the fashion industry. By anticipating the upcoming legislation and integrating it beforehand, companies can place themselves as industry leaders, generating a higher engagement with their consumers and building a community around this transformation. Furthermore, it is also an opportunity for businesses to reduce climate-related risks and secure funding to undergo this technological and technical transformation.

While the regulatory landscape might seem like an incomprehensible labyrinth of acronyms, the team is dedicated to translating these into operational and accessible solutions for the industry. While some of the directive set by the European Commission are still under review, the direction that the EU has set is clear and it follows the main objective of creating the necessary changes within the economy to comply with the Paris Accords and reach the carbon reduction goals.

"It is essential to anticipate these regulations

- Stephane Propescu,
Founder of Cose 361

Both companies came together to offer concrete and strategic solutions, putting the needs of the industry at the forefront of their service offering. For more information on what these services are, do not hesitate to reach out!